Gosia Kulik is my name. I was born on a short, hot summer night on 15th of July 1985.

That’s how it all started.

And now...

For days on end I create my own stories, replete with images, and between thinking, visualising, drawing, painting, reading, I live.

You can meet me in Wroclaw and sometimes on the island of Crete.

More formally:

Gosia Kulik graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, with a painting diploma and a graphic book design supplementary diploma in 2012.

She is interested in the narrative aspects of visual arts: relationships, tensions, and paradoxes that can be achieved between images, as well as between images and words.

She loves inventing her own stories about ordinary people who are immersed in unusual situations. She constructs worlds filled with hidden and often shameful aspects of people’s lives which appear to be normal but only seemingly. It is exciting for her to discover how helpless and lonely they can be during their everyday, banal activities.

She is also fascinated by stories about weirdness and mental illnesses, hooked on a seemingly insignificant visual detail. These ostensibly negligible details are in fact crucial to understanding the surrounding reality, as well as the whole concept permeating her works. She uses irony as a means of expression that allows her to reveal the nonsense of certain human aspirations.

Her own inspirations revolve around things already worn, anachronisms, which she embeds in new contexts. By juxtaposing different associations, she reaches funny and sometimens strange, surprising results. It is not enough for her to communicate through only one medium so despite the fact that she works in traditional techniques like painting, she prefers to call her works installations.

The mode in which visual contents are "read" is important for her: she has invented her own visual grammar which requires and demands decoding, searching for hidden meanings; "viewing" should be "a reading with comprehension"

Fields of her creative interests include book and editorial illustration, graphic novel and painting



KUKBUK magazine

PISMO magazine

Książki magazyn do czytania

Public Library, Wrocław


January 2020 - Illustrations from the book entitled  How to Figure Out the Contemporary Theater? were selected for the exhibition following the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2020

March 2019 - nomination for the WARTO award in the literature category, Wroclaw, Poland

November 2019 - distinction for the best comic script, DOK - Dzielnicowy Ośrodek Kultury Ursynów, Warsaw, Poland

September 2019 - second award in the Gildia competition for Pupa graphic novel

September 2018 - second award in the Gildia competition for graphic story for This monkey's gone to heaven


February 2017 - distinction in the concours organized by the Polish Institute of the Book for the picturebook designed for the youngest children, Poland

February 2017 - illustrations from our book The Interesting Herb | Loud Disapperance were selected to the final of the Nami Island International Picture Book Illustration Concours, South Korea

October 2013 - distinction for short comics story about economic issues organized by Forum of the Development of the Society, Lodz, Poland

September 2012 - winner of the competition on the “Polish Long Debut”; debut comic book published by the Publishing House “Centrala” , Poland

June 2012 - gold medal and award BPSC company for my diploma project, Academy of Fine Art, Katowice, Poland


December 2019 - How to Figure Out the Contemporary Theater book was published by Fundacja na Rzecz Kultury i Edukacji im. Tymoteusza Karpowicza, Wrocław 2019


May 2018 - This monkey's gone to heaven graphic story was published by Wydawnictwo komiksowe


February 2017 - Sick Stories picturebook was published by Kocur bury

November 2016 - our picturebook Interesting Herb | Loud Disapperance was published by Kocur Bury

October 2016 - our book Fountains and Shells was published by Libron

March 2013 - Publication of my graphic novel entitled “V”; Centrala Publishing House, Poland 

October 2012 - Publication “Polish Female Comic”, Timof Publishing House

EXHIBITIONS (solo and collective)

October 2018 - Worked Fatally exhibition in Tymczasem gallery, CK Leśnica Castle, Wroclaw


February 2017 - exhibition of the posters designed for "Sicks Stories", the book published by Kocur Bury. Barbara, Wroclaw

October 2016 - Together with Tomek Żarnecki we organized an exhibition where we showed unpublished photos from our project Fountains and Shells, guide of the toilets of Wroclaw, Barbara exhibition space, Wroclaw

June 2016 - At the exhibition I showed a sort of installation composed with illustrations from my book entitled The Cave, on exhibition the book can be seen and one of my paintings which corresponded with the main idea of the book, Lokietka 5, Wroclaw


April 2016 - together with Tomek Żarnecki we organized the exhibition where we showed our book entitled Sick Stories. At the exhibition the posters and illustrations could be seen, Spanish bookshop Liberia, Wroclaw

November 2015 - six of my illustrations were exhibited at the exhibition organized by Illustrated Yourself Gallery in Sydney, Australia at the Think Education Ultimo Campus 


October 2015 - one of my drawings was exhibited at post competition exhibition in Plock, the theme of the competition was: The Themerson's street

July 2015 - exhibition in the Bohema Gallery joined with erotic art auction. I showed painting from XXX installation (Unfavorable Fortune), Warsaw

February 2014 - exhibition Greetings from Kato organized by Michal Bernard, Place for the Art Gallery, Wroclaw   

June 2013 - group exhibition “Greetings from Kato” curated by Dominika Kowynia, Rondo of Arts Gallery, Katowice

April / May 2013 - group exhibition of the workshop  participants, Debut Contemporary Gallery, Notting Hill, London

April 2013 - group exhibition entitled ‘The Nacre’, Curated by Paweł Mendrek, Joanna Zdzienicka, Lesław Tetla, ‘Space for the Art’ Gallery, Wrocław 

March 2013 - ‘P!icture’project - billboard exhibition (two of my paintings were shown at billboard on Ligocka Street in Katowice), Ligocka, Katowice, Poland

February 2013 - collective exhibition; Vibe Gallery, London

December 2012 - organized by the Eibisch Foundation, Catherine Napiórkowska Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 

September 2012 - Book Fair in Moscow, Polish Female Comics panel organized by the publishing house and with the support of the Polish Institute in Moscow

July / August 2012 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, “Great Armory” Gallery, an exhibition of best degree project in Poland